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Rachel Huntsman
• 11/01/16

For a microfinance loan officer, managing a portfolio of hundreds of clients and keeping a vigilant eye on the financial bottom line is critical for reaching sustainability and scale. At the same time, she wants to serve her poor clients and help them to move up the economic ladder.

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Bobbi Gray
• 02/16/16
• Posted in lean data, data analysis

Cross-posted from Microcredit Summit Campaign

When I joined Freedom from Hunger several years back, I had the responsibility to carry on a decades-long commitment to research and evaluation. My predecessor, Barbara MkNelly, as well as my then-supervisor and president of Freedom from Hunger, Christopher Dunford, were already known for their contributions to the research efforts of the growing microfinance sector and the original set of SEEP/AIMS client assessment tools. Freedom from Hunger’s commitment to promoting easy-to-use and cost-effective tools also led to years of developing monitoring and evaluation systems for microfinance organizations that were coined as “Progress Tracking.” Fast-forward several years, and this is much better known as Social Performance Management.

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Lindsey Longendyke
• 09/12/14
• Posted in data analysis

Perhaps one of the most exciting and appealing uses of the Progress out of Poverty Index is what we call a “poverty movement analysis.” When an organization collects PPI data from its clients over the course of multiple years, it can compare poverty rates between two points in time to determine if, on average, clients’ poverty levels are improving. For any organization with a mission to reduce poverty, this analysis is critically important.

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Frank Ballard
• 10/09/13

When using the PPI and reporting its results, it’s helpful to understand the difference between the terms poverty likelihood and poverty rate—sometimes referred to as estimated poverty. These terms are not interchangeable and express different concepts, so it is important to use them correctly.

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• 03/28/13

By Emily Hanak

Published last summer, Poverty Outreach of Selected Microfinance Institutions in the Philippines analyzes client-level poverty data from selected MFIs in the Philippines that use the Progress out of Poverty Index®, or PPI, to measure client poverty. The report examines three aspects of poverty outreach that are integral to evaluating an organization’s social performance: concentration, scale, and penetration. 

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• 03/01/12

In the recent New York Times article, "How Companies Learn your Secrets," Charles Duhigg discusses how companies can use demographics and data on personal consumption behavior to manipulate shopping habits and attract new customers. Target, for example, can predict if a customer is pregnant, what trimester she is in, and, with this information, target baby-related advertisements to her.

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• 05/24/11
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Recently, some of my colleagues and I had the opportunity to attend a two-day workshop to learn data analysis techniques for the Progress Out of Poverty Index® (PPI®), developed by the Grameen Foundation. At our MFI, the Banco Solidario – a regulated financial institution that operates nationwide in Ecuador – we started to use the PPI in 2009 to help monitor our social performance. Like many other MFIs, we made a commitment to poverty reduction in our mission statement. Over time, the PPI will help us to better understand the progress out of poverty amongst our clientele.

Given our experience with the PPI, the topic of the workshop piqued our interest. I had my doubts about the two day agenda at first. How could we possibly spend two days talking about data analysis? Since we had already implemented the PPI at my organization, I wasn´t sure how much was left to learn.

I couldn´t have been more mistaken. My colleagues and I all completed the workshop feeling like it was a great investment of our time. The PPI team at the Grameen Foundation has traveled around the world, observing and collecting best practices for PPI implementation. During the workshop our instructors presented a process based on their research on best practices for collecting and analyzing PPI data. We found the detailed, step-by-step explanation of each phase of the process extremely helpful...

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• 02/11/10
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Mary Jo Kochendorfer and Cris Lomboy from Grameen Foundation’s Social Performance Management Center launched a two-week training tour for microfinance institutions (MFIs) in the Philippines and India. In Manila, the first stop, the team trained members of the Philippines Social Performance Management (SPM) Peer Learning Community (PLC) to analyze data gathered by the Progress out of Poverty Index™ (PPI™).

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