It is important that staff members that oversee PPI use at their organization are well-trained on PPI best practices. Proper training and education improves the accuracy of PPI data and therefore the quality of the decisions and assessments that are based on that data.

The following resources are designed to help your organization succeed at attaining and leveraging poverty data using the PPI:

  • Learning Materials: All downloadable PDF materials in this section are free of charge (account log-in required). Practitioners should start here to learn important concepts related to the PPI and to understand whether their organization is prepared for successful PPI use.
  • Data Management and Analysis: A collection of guides and publications that provide practical advice and instructions for current PPI users.
  • PPI Discussion Forum: This space is designed for PPI users to collaboratively learn, exchange experiences, and share advice related to using the PPI. It is open to anyone with a PPI account on this site, and is moderated by the PPI team.

Do you have questions that are not answered here? Contact us through the PPI Help Desk at or request training and guidance services through this form.


Learning Materials

Standards of Use

If your organization is using the PPI or plans to use the PPI in the future, the Standards of Use will help you to understand what actions must be taken to ensure that your organization’s PPI data is accurate and relevant. The Basic PPI Standards of Use are best practices that an organization should adhere to in order to accurately report its PPI data.

Download here (pdf)

Piloting and Implementing the PPI

Confirming the sampling strategy

In order to collect valuable data, it must be either collected on a census basis, meaning everyone in a group is interviewed, or on a sample basis. The sample should be random and representative. This checklist will help organizations improve their sampling strategy. 

Download here (pdf)

Preparing for and conducting interviews

While the PPI is an easy-to-use tool, enumerators should have a polite demeanor and understand how to navigate cultural sensitivities.

Download here (pdf)

Confirming operational readiness

Use this checklist to prepare for PPI implementation.

Download here (pdf)


Data Management and Analysis

Presentation: Calculating Poverty Rates

This video shows how to calculate a poverty rate using the PPI.

Watch the video

Guide to Targeting

Targeting beneficiaries is one of the key uses of the PPI. This guide provides specific instruction on how to use the tool in this way and highlights important considerations.

Download here (pdf)

Guide to Segmentation

This guide to segmentation explores the many ways that the PPI can be used in market analysis to gain better insights into the needs, characteristics and behaviors of your beneficiaries.

Download here (pdf)

Guide to Benchmarking Poverty Data 

This guide demonstrates ways to benchmark your PPI results to local and national poverty rates.

Download here (pdf)

Ensuring data integrity

Review this checklist for some best practices in ensuring data integrity.

Download here (pdf)