PPI Users

Organizations and businesses that currently use the PPI differ in their business models but share a mission to help those living in poverty. PPI users either work directly with the world’s poor, or they are intermediaries who influence or invest in a network of other organizations that work directly with the world’s poor.

Read our blog for examples of how organizations are using poverty data to improve their social performance.

Organizations that Use the PPI

Below are the names of some of the more than 600 organizations that are currently using the PPI. Is your organization using the PPI but is not listed below? Contact us to be listed here.

Browse organizations by region:

Across Multiple Regions

  1. Purdue University

Latin America and the Caribbean

  1. DAI
  2. Helen Little Haiti Foundation
  3. Huellas Grameen Bank
  4. IDH

Sub-Saharan Africa

  1. Fédération NUNUNA
  2. Jiridea Consulting Services
  3. Kentegra Biotechnology EPZ Ltd.
  4. TRIAS Tanzania


Middle East and North Africa


The PPI team has partnered with nonprofit networks, social investors, and other types of intermediaries to advance the use of the PPI worldwide. After receiving in-depth training on PPI implementation and data analysis, intermediaries are able to promote the use of the PPI and provide PPI training within their networks. The intermediary benefits from an influx of poverty data from its network organizations. This data can be used for investment decisions, allocation of technical assistance resources, communications with donors and much more.