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Sharada Ramanathan
• 01/25/18

As you may know, in October 2015, the World Bank released the new International Poverty Line. The new line boosts the 2005 level, $1.25 based on 2011 local prices converted to US dollars, up to $1.90/day. While it seems like a simple adjustment, measuring poverty across times and countries is an inherently fuzzy process.

The purpose of this second installment of the PPI Practitioner Guidance Series (read the first installment here) is to explain why these two lines are not necessarily equivalent at the level of individual countries, and how PPI users who are currently using the 2005 PPP lines to measure poverty may transition to using the 2011 PPP lines.

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Julie Peachey
• 01/07/16
• Posted in poverty lines

As many of you have heard, the World Bank updated the international poverty line from $1.25/day based on 2005 PPP to $1.90/day based on 2011 PPP.  This new poverty line reflects changes in purchasing power parity (PPP) [involving a substantial re-assessment of purchasing powers around the world] and prices between 2005 and 2011.

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Frank Ballard
• 07/24/13
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By Frank Ballard

So you’ve just found out the PPI your organization uses has been updated. Great! Your poverty data will be more accurate because it is based on the most recent national household income survey available in your country. Your organization will be better able to target and understand the poor households it serves.

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