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• 11/28/11
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Solèy means sunshine in Haitian Creole. At the recent Microcredit Campaign Summit (MCS) in Valladolid, Spain, social performance in general (and the PPI specifically) were front and center, shining brightly. To that point, here is an excerpt from a blog post by Grameen Foundation President and CEO Alex Counts on the sunshine that the MCS directed to Haitian MFI Fonkoze and the Seal of Excellence.

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Leah Nedderman
• 01/25/10
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One of the most urgent problems facing Haiti is the rising price of goods, exacerbated by a shortage of cash in the country. National banks have been slow to open, and even slower to make significant sums of cash available to other financial institutions in the country. One of my Haitian friends wrote on Saturday: “Thanks to God I am still alive but I have a lot of friend died [sic].

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