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Alex Murray
• 07/22/14
• Posted in ppi implementation, Kenya

Are we fulfilling our mission? How do we implement our vision?

When steering an organization, continual review of strategic objectives is essential to ensure managerial decisions align with the mission statement and long-term vision. Faced with day-to-day operational pressures, how can leadership ensure its decisions correlate with its stated mission?

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Lindsey Longendyke
• 03/26/14

For organizations that serve families living in poverty, a misinformed decision can squander limited resources or overlook an opportunity to help a family in need. That is why Grameen Foundation promotes the Progress out of Poverty Index, or PPI. Poverty data can help an organization’s management team make better decisions in the interest of the poor. However, PPI data is only useful if the organization has adopted best practices to ensure accuracy and the management team is willing to respond to findings.  

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