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Abentazal79's picture
Analisa Bentazal
• Philippines
• 10/29/19
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Hello, since PPI has already released its latest update which in the Philippines, its based on 2015/16 survey data, does it mean that we are not allowed to use the previous PPI?

Thank you.

LindsayDakan's picture
Lindsay Dakan
• Akola Project
• Uganda
• 02/26/19
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Hi PPI users- my organization is currently struggling with a lack of baseline data on beneficiaries' poverty levels at the start of the project. We want to measure both the organization's poverty reach over time, as well as changes in poverty rates among beneficiaries over time. Would it be valid to conduct a retrospective PPI survey, asking for example "What type of toilet facility did the household mainly use in [year before the start of the project]?" (given the usual caveats about recall bias). What factors should we take into account if we were to go down this road?

Ahi's picture
Joseph Ahi
• Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria
• Nigeria
• 02/07/19

PPI is one of the most reliable tools at the moment in determining the level of poverty in the Global South Countries(Developing Nations). A number of questions are set for data collection to measure the living conditions of the population to determine the outcome regarding whether that family and cluster of families and eventually a developing Nation could be termed poor or has made appreciable progress out of poverty.

Marco Antonielli's picture
Marco Antonielli
• Nathan Associates
• United Kingdom
• 10/24/18

Hi PPI users and managers,

As you might know, the World Bank has recently updated the poverty rate figures for a range of developing countries. The new figures are generally based on 2015/16 data while the previous figures were based on 2010/11 data. Currently the PPIs are based on the 2010/11 survey waves, so my first question for the PPI managers is when could users expect updated PPIs to be published on the website?

lukemcfadden's picture
Luke McFadden
• Cambodia
• 02/05/18
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I'm currently evaluating our organizations application and screening process, and I'm wondering how we might be able to use the PPI for screening and targeting?  We our a social NGO working with impoverished and vulnerable children.  I'm trying to help our organization have a consistent application and screening process.  Most of our locations receive hundreds of applications a year, but most don't fit our criteria.  

matbauwin's picture
Mathilde Bauwin
• Ada microfinance
• Luxembourg
• 12/12/17

Hi everyone,

The question is dedicated to MFIs which implemented the PPI: how much did/does it cost for your organization ? Did you integrate it in your MIS ? Do you have some recommendations to minimize costs and time of data collection ?

Thank you very much for your contribution.



jasim.sheikh's picture
Jasim Sheikh
• Islamic Relief
• Pakistan
• 10/19/17
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Hey All,

Has anyone tried to alter the questions and their responses/scores to try to make the tool more meaningful?

I'm from the Islamic Microfinance Unit of UK-based Islamic Relief Worldwide. We have developed an Android device form that takes the responses to our central MIS where all the scores are generated. We've piloted in Pakistan and we're in an early stage of the usage but we're mainly assessing how deep our outreach is. 

However, we have noticed that some responses and their scores are a bit broad. For ex.:

jujuryan's picture
Johanna Ryan
• VisionFund International
• United Kingdom
• 09/19/17

To all users: I would be really interested to hear from users how they are measuring changes to poverty over time.  If there is no perfect solution yet, then can we collaborate to create something?  

-Johanna Ryan, Social Performance Director, VisionFund International

Julie Peachey's picture
Julie Peachey
• Innovations for Poverty Action
• United States
• 06/13/17
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More and more organizations are collecting PPI (and other) data via methods other than the traditional visit to a client at their home.  We'd like to know - what have you tried, what challenges have you had, and what is working?  


mattripley2's picture
Matt Ripley
• Impact Programme
• UK
• 04/13/17
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Hi all,

A question from the DFID Impact Programme, which is working in the impact investing space. 

We've used the PPI to do research for some portfolio companies in Africa. While PPI is super cost-effective and yields insights which have both social (poverty rates) as well as business value (market segmentaiton by income level), we do have a concern about the personal nature of some of the questions. Would be interested to see if anyone else has encountered the same issues...or have good ways to deal with them.