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Information on Poverty Targeting and Client Screen with the PPI?

Luke McFadden
• Cambodia
• 02/05/18
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I'm currently evaluating our organizations application and screening process, and I'm wondering how we might be able to use the PPI for screening and targeting?  We our a social NGO working with impoverished and vulnerable children.  I'm trying to help our organization have a consistent application and screening process.  Most of our locations receive hundreds of applications a year, but most don't fit our criteria.  

We've recently implemented the Child Status Index assessment tool, but it assesses the individual child, and isn't designed as a screening tool.  It's fantastic, but I'm wanting to integrate another tool.

We have a Mean's Test developed by another local NGO, but it's not standardized, and a bit cumbersome to use.  The PPI is very attractive to me, but as I'm researching, I'm not coming across a lot of specifics on using the PPI as a targeting / screening tool. 

Does anyone have any resources to share that can help focus my research? 

1 Comment
Hi Luke, Have you seen the PPI Guide to Targeting? Village Enterprise is a good example of an organization that has used PPI in its targeting/selection process: Also, this is a bit older but this Grameen Foundation case study talks about the PPI's use in a multi-step screening process to identify poorest households. I hope other users with experience in using PPI for actually selecting clients or beneficiary households will chime in! -Julie Peachey PPI Director