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Notes from the Field: The TOTOT, A Training of Trainers of Trainers >

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The PRE-training. It’s the first time we’ve tried this approach--training a group of PPI trainers and then having them immediately train a group of participants from MFIs that are committed to social performance and interested in using the PPI. Why do it this way? We’re building capacity among our partners who, in turn, will build it further. This approach allows Grameen Foundation staff to provide immediate feedback to our newly trained colleagues, providing clarifications and strengthening their understanding as needed. Sharlene and I will go back to DC at the end of this trip, and when that happens, who’s on the ground to be able to answer questions? Who can talk to and train other institutions interested in understanding how to use a poverty assessment tool like the PPI? Our PUCA partners can.

Catholic Relief Services, Oikocredit, Terrafina Microfinance, and Planet Rating are on the ground in Mali and Senegal. They are committed. They are willing to learn and willing to teach. This collaboration is just that, a joint venture where we work hand-in-hand to ensure that anyone who wants to use the PPI is able to do so with a support network of trainers in place.

Our group of six trainers in Bamako, Mali:
Sharlene Brown, lead facilitator
Boubacar Diallo – Mision II Afrique, lead facilitators
Bart de Bruyne – Terrafina, trainer
 Sadio Diallo – APIM, trainer
Ibrahim Mare – Terrafina, trainer
Oumar Tangara – Oikocredit, trainer

Preeti Wali is Communications Officer at the Grameen Foundation Social Performance Management Center (SPMC). She is based in Washington, DC.