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Notes from the Field: Teranga, Trainings, and Tea >


Teranga is a traditional Senegalese term meaning hospitality. Our wonderful colleague Babacar Sambe’s family did not hold back in showering us with all the teranga possible, taking us around, feeding us, and always having tea ready for those long days. Teranga gives the “T” in TLC new meaning . For me, teranga resonates with the cultures of so many developing countries--when a guest is present, the host will prepare atleast one extra serving than is necessary for meals. When you first hear this, you think, Isn’t that a waste of food in a region that suffers from famine and prevalent poverty? When we asked Babacar this question he said, “Nothing goes to waste; if it isn’t eaten here, we give it to a poor family nearby. That is the way.” I’ve just arrived but I already feel at home and, I’ll add, very full. The majority of these countries’ populations may be poor in income but there is no dearth in generosity and hospitality.

Tomorrow we’ll be leaving for Bamako to begin the pre-training and prep for our PPI training and Executive Day with our PUCA partners in Mali. More to come!

Preeti Wali is Communications Officer at the Grameen Foundation Social Performance Management Center (SPMC). She is based in Washington, DC.