What is the cost of implementing the PPI?

The PPI scorecard, look-up table, and supporting documents are free for download on this site. However, the process of implementing the PPI will cost the organization staff time. The amount varies, depending on how the organization decides to implement the PPI. The least expensive method is to add the PPI survey to existing information fields that are collected on all incoming clients, customers, or employees.

This method may only require an additional 5-10 minutes of a representative’s time per client.  It is more expensive to administer the PPI a time when the representative is not already scheduled to visit with the client, customer, or employee, which is often the case when an organization administers the PPI to a sample as an independent research exercise.

The organization must also budget time for PPI data analysis. The PPI has an especially high return on investment for organizations with a staff member who is dedicated to monitoring social performance because PPI data allows that staff member to conduct more efficient and accurate analyses.