Below is a selection of our PPI videos. See an archive of all videos on the PPI YouTube channel.


Webinar: What Can an Investor do with the PPI?

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Published on June 5, 2017
This webinar, hosted by PPI Director Julie Peachey, was geared specifically towards impact investors. It addressed how impact investors can make use of PPI data and aimed to answer the question many investors have: if we systematically collect or get access to this data, what can we do with it? The webinar emphasized the importance of household level poverty data when working with low and middle income communities in the BoP, regardless of whether there is a specific poverty alleviation agenda.

Overview of the PPI

Published on Sept 30, 2016
This video gives an overview for those new to the PPI.

Calculating Poverty Rates with the PPI

Published on July 29, 2015
This quick video shows how to calculate poverty rates using the PPI.

Case Study Video: Microfinance Helps Haiti Earthquake Victims Recover

Published on Apr 2, 2012
Fonkoze, a bank serving Haiti's poor, used the PPI to help clients recover from the devastating 2010 earthquake. Cisco support is helping expand use of the PPI to microfinance institutions and other organizations working to alleviate poverty worldwide.