Available data for new PPIs

The following is a list of countries that the PPI team has identified with available public data that would allow for the creation or update of their PPI scorecards. In addition, our team has also identified a list of countries for which recent data exists but is not publicly available at the moment, which you can see below.

If you would like to hire the PPI team at IPA for the creation or update of a country-specific PPI, please contact us through the PPI Help Desk at ppihelpdesk@poverty-action.org. Please consider that, although every PPI we build can be downloaded from this website at no cost, creating new PPI scorecards requires signing a service contract with IPA.

Countries with available public data

For these countries, data is public and can be immediately downloaded or easily requested.

Country Region Latest Data
Angola Africa 2018-2019
Armenia EECA 2020
Burundi Africa 2016-2017
Chile LAC 2022
Colombia LAC 2022
Costa Rica LAC 2021
Dominican Republic LAC 2018
DR of the Congo Africa 2017-2018
Ecuador LAC 2023
Egypt MENA 2017-2018
El Salvador LAC 2022
Georgia EECA 2022
Guinea-Bissau Africa 2018-2019
Haiti LAC 2016-2017
Kenya Africa 2021
Kyrgyz Republic Asia 2018
Lebanon MENA 2018-2019
Liberia Africa 2016
Mauritania Africa 2019-2021
Mexico LAC 2022
Mozambique Africa 2018
Namibia Africa 2015-2016
Nepal Asia 2019
Niger Africa 2018-2019
Pakistan Asia 2018-2019
Palestine MENA 2017
Panama LAC 2017-2018
Paraguay LAC 2022
Peru LAC 2022
Philippines Asia 2021
Romania EECA 2016
Russia EECA 2021
Senegal Africa 2018-2019
Tajikistan Asia 2017
Timor-Leste Asia 2016
Zimbabwe Africa 2019


Countries with data not publicly available

For these countries, data is not currently available to the public. However, in many occasions this information can be accessed through official requests, for which waiting times and/or costs may vary.

Country Region Latest Data
Bangladesh Asia 2022
Brazil LAC 2022
Cameroon Africa 2021
India Asia 2022
Laos Asia 2019
Lesotho Africa 2017-2018
Mali Africa 2022
Mongolia Asia 2016-2017
Myanmar Asia 2017
South Sudan Africa 2017
Thailand Asia 2021
Ukraine EECA 2019

*As of May 2024