PPI translations

Anna Rose Miller
• The MasterCard Foundation
• Canada
• 03/28/17

Some of our partners using PPI have inquired as to whether there are additional translations of the tool available. Specifically requested were translations into Wolof and Malagasy. It seems as if some translations of the tool are floating around- has anyone encountered any of the translations that have been done by organizations other than IPA? It would be very useful to have some sense of what PPI translations other organizations have undertaken, what the translation process was, and if any validation of the translated tool has been done. 

Hi Anna! Greetings from India. We have translated the tool into some regional languages within India depending upon our client requirements. These translations were done by a certified translator and then proof read by our staff to ensure that the essence of the question remains intact. We need to make sure that the translated version captures exactly what the original PPI question is. We have, till now done translations into languages in which our PPI team has expertise (Hindi, Marathi). However, once we encounter any other language that we do not already know, we will have to get translations peer reviewed. Besides the above, organizations do undertake translations on their own. Since it is an open source tool there are no standard ways in which such translations get vetted unless they reach out to PPI specialists.
Thanks for this query, Anna Rose. The PPI team is interested in collecting any translations that have been done by users and sharing them back with the broader PPI community. The PPI website Terms of Use specifically allows for users to translate website content, giving IPA a license to it: "You may also translate any Content on Our Site into a language other than English, and in doing so, you hereby grant IPA an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, sublicenseable, worldwide license to reproduce, distribute, modify, and publicly display and perform any translated Content." We will do our best to validate any translations in some way prior to sharing. If your organization has created a translation, please share it with us at ppi@poverty-action.org.
To all PPI users, We are looking at investing more in getting translations of scorecards and interview guidelines into local languages produced. Please let us know which countries / local languages are a priority to facilitate your organization's PPI use. Thanks!