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Number of active users justifies app development?

Panya Putsathit
• Funds for Impact Foundation
• Germany
• 12/05/23

Hi, I am new to this tool and just started to browse around. Though I like the simplicity of the excel tool, it still either requires an excel-enabled laptop in the field or a error-prone and workload-heavy manual data entry process. In most of the countries on the list, android-based smart phones are widely spread, and the requirements of an app that does this data collection ann analysis are minimal. It feels like creating an app for dezentral data collection and central data storage, consolidation and analysis could be done with minimal effort. Benchmark data could also be easily shared across organizations this way.

Of course, this only makes sense if the tool is actively used by a significant number of regular users. It could be financed by a donation for the first development of the app and a small subscription fee for keeping it up to date. 

But: based on the amount of questions and replys in this forum, I am unsure of the active user base, and if it is sensible to develop an app. What do the founders of this tool think?

Thank you, Panya