How are PPIs prioritized for development?

Sharada Ramanathan
• Innovations for Poverty Action
• Singapore
• 03/14/17

To ensure that the PPI remains available as a public good, we have moved to a new business model to ensure long-term sustainability and effective governance. The PPI is now governed by the PPI Alliance, a consortium of users who rely on the PPI, fund its core operations and are committed to its future development. You can read more about the PPI Alliance here -

Alliance Members guide PPI development priorities for the year based on their needs. To make it to the list of PPIs scheduled for development , a PPI needs to be prioritized by the PPI Alliance, and an adequate, nationally representative household level consumption or expenditure survey data set from the country’s statistics organization needs to be available. This is the process followed for both - new PPIs as well as updates to existing PPIs. You can view the list of PPIs scheduled for development in 2017 here -

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Thanks for the transparency, Sharada. This question certainly comes up from our PPI users, so this resource is useful. Another question that comes up is whether you have a process for users who want to log requests?
Thanks for the question, Elaine! So users can write in to us at with their PPI requests. However, we cannot guarantee that we will take up that PPI for development unless the user is a PPI Alliance Member, or a PPI Alliance Member has also made a request for that PPI. Essentially, requests made by PPI Alliance Members will be prioritized. We could take in additional requests from other users for a fee, but they would end up being lower priority builds, which we will undertake if we have the bandwidth to do so. You can read more about our Alliance program here - In addition to having a say in which countries are prioritized for PPI Development, Alliance Members receive specialized support from the PPI team and also gain first access to PPI resources and initiatives. The PPI Alliance is open to adding additional members. Users can contact Julie Peachey at for more information on PPI Alliance membership.