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Enumerator's Manual

Arielle tozier de la poterie
• German Red Cross
• 05/23/23
• 1 Comment

The Ecuador Interview Guidance repeatedly references the Enumerator Manual (2019). I have looked through the resources, but I haven't been able to find one, either specific to Ecuador or more general. Can someone point me in the right direction?

1 Comment
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Thanks for your question, Arielle! The Interview Guidance is the manual for how best to conduct PPI interviews. The Enumerator Manual it references is the one used during Ecuador's Encuesta Nacional de Empleo, Desempleo y Subempleo (ENEMDU) surveys. This manual is not directly relevant to the PPI, but is referenced since the questions in the PPI are largely taken from that survey. So while it is publicly available from Ecuador's government website, it is not actually needed to conduct the PPI.