Materials on Data Management and Analysis

Presentation: Calculating Poverty Rates

This video shows how to calculate a poverty rate using the PPI.

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Guide to Targeting

Targeting beneficiaries is one of the key uses of the PPI. This guide provides specific instruction on how to use the tool in this way and highlights important considerations.

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Guide to Segmentation

This guide to segmentation explores the many ways that the PPI can be used in market analysis to gain better insights into the needs, characteristics and behaviors of your beneficiaries.

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Guide to Transitioning to an Updated PPI

It is important to transition to an updated PPI when it becomes available. This guide explains how to make the switch and compare results from one version to the next.

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Guide to Benchmarking Poverty Data 

This guide demonstrates ways to benchmark your PPI results to local and national poverty rates.

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Checklist: Ensuring data integrity

Review this checklist for some best practices in ensuring data integrity.

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Guide to Collecting PPI Data Through TaroWorks

If you are a user of TaroWorks, following this simple guide will help you get the most out of your PPI data.

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Poverty Rates by Country Reference Spreadsheet

This document compiles poverty rates for all countries for which a PPI is available. 

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Presentation: Using PivotTables in Microsoft® Excel

This presentation is a short tutorial on using PivotTables in Excel to analyze PPI data.

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PPI Data Intake Tools

Free and commercial intake tools for the PPI can be found on our webpage Data Collection Tools.