Announcing the PPI Discussion Forum

Poverty, and measuring it, are complex. The PPI was designed to be as easy and low-cost as possible, but questions and challenges inevitably arise when administering the PPI and interpreting results. Like any tool, the PPI gives you the best results when used as designed and with an understanding of the specific context.

In addition to all of the resources that exist on our website, we believe that providing a space for users to collaboratively learn, exchange experiences, and share advice would be valuable in supporting effective, high-quality PPI data collection and use. It’s with that objective, that we're pleased to announce the PPI Discussion Forum.

We hope all PPI users will take an opportunity to visit the Forum, read the discussions, and post their own challenge or experience. It will be as valuable as our community of PPI users—organizations at the forefront of poverty measurement and social performance management—make it. Our PPI team will be actively managing and moderating the Forum. Please note that you must be logged into your account on the PPI website to post or comment in the Forum.

Read the full announcement here.