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If you would like to hire the PPI team at IPA for the creation or update of a country-specific PPI, please fill the form below or contact us through the PPI Help Desk at Every PPI we build can be downloaded from this website at no cost. Keep in mind that creating or updating a PPI depends on the public availability of recent data, so we advise to first consult the countries for which we have public PPIs to make sure that the one you are interested in hasn't been updated in at least the last three years. In addition, we have listed in here the countries our team has identified with available public data that would allow for the creation or update of their PPI scorecards. Remember to visit as well our Announcements section, where we post our recently published PPIs.

Other Services

In addition to custom-built PPI Scorecards, we offer a series of training and support services on a fee basis:

  • PPI Training: We provide training that imparts the essential skills and knowledge for successfully utilizing the PPI. This training can include an orientation for management teams to set expectations for results, in-depth training for enumerators on how to ask and score the PPI questions.
  • Sampling Guidance: How large should your sample size be for the PPI? Is it representative of the population you are surveying? Or should you collect PPI from all of our clients? Our team will provide guidance on your sampling plan and support you to implement it.

  • Data Collection Support: We offer technical assistance on planning and executing PPI data collection. Our team can help your organization with the integration of the PPI questions into a larger survey or regular touchpoints with customers, options for automating data collection, and cleaning/validating your data.

  • Analysis and Report Review: Our team will review analysis that your organization has done to ensure adherence to PPI best practices, suggest improvements, and help you to get the most out of your PPI data.

  • Basic PPI Data Analysis: We will ensure proper conversion to poverty likelihoods, calculate group poverty rates, and create basic charts and graphs representing your organization's poverty outreach.

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