PPI Certification

PPI Certification recognizes excellence in poverty measurement with the PPI—get certified to demonstrate that your data is reliable and accurate.

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When working with the poor, the stakes are high. Misinformed decisions waste resources and squander opportunities to help families in need. That is why we advocate that organizations working with the poor use the PPI to objectively measure household poverty. This data can significantly improve the quality of program assessment and decision-making.

A PPI Certification ensures that organizations using the PPI are meeting meaningful standards set by industry leaders. These standards protect the accuracy and reliability of PPI data.

Benefits of PPI Certification

Why get certified?  With a PPI certification, program leaders can trust their PPI data when making important strategic decisions, and they can attract partners with more insightful and trusted reporting.

For organizations that use the PPI, benefits of certification include:

  • Higher confidence in the accuracy of the organization’s PPI data
  • Identification of areas for improvement
  • Increased trust among stakeholders
  • Enhanced reputation and mission-alignment
  • Differentiation from peers

For impact investors, a PPI certification means that a prospective partner is focused on its mission, and a current partner is supplying reliable reports on poverty outreach and outcomes.

Key Facts about PPI Certification

The certification is administered by participating rating agencies. Organizations already pursuing a social rating or other assessment may add PPI Certification to their service package at a significantly reduced cost.

Fully Licensed Certifiers:

MicroFinanza Rating / info@microfinanzarating.com

Certifiers in Beta (will provide certification but have not yet completed a certification pilot):

M-CRIL / contact@m-cril.com
MicroRate / info@microrate.com

Any organization that uses the PPI can apply for certification via the rating agencies listed above.

PPI Certification is based on the PPI Standards of Use. The current standards were published in April. They were updated to reflect a rising level of competency among PPI users. They are available in English, Spanish, and French.

PPI Certification will be offered on two levels: Basic and Advanced. After the assessment, the rating agency chooses the level that is most appropriate for the organization.

A Basic Certification indicates that the organization employs best practices for accurate poverty measurement. The Basic Standards of Use are designed to ensure the integrity of an organization’s PPI data.

An Advanced Certification distinguishes high performers. The Advanced Standards of Use ensure that the organization has systems in place that effectively capture and analyze poverty data along with other client characteristics, leading to important discoveries about the needs of clients.

A PPI Certification expires two years after the date it was awarded. If an organization is already certified under the previous standards, its certification expires two years after the date that it was certified. Organizations renewing their certification must adhere to the most recently published standards.

A self assessment tool has been developed to help PPI users assess their readiness for certification.

Steps to Applying for Certification

  1. Download the PPI Standards of Use.
  2. Gauge certification readiness with the PPI Self-Assessment Tool.
  3. Contact a rating agency.
  4. Submit the documentation required by the rating agency and facilitate an on-site evaluation led by rating agency representatives.
  5. If needed, improve your organization’s PPI practices based on rating agency feedback.
  6. Certification is awarded at either the Basic or Advanced level at the rating agency’s discretion.

Please direct questions about PPI Certification to the PPI Help Desk at ppihelpdesk@poverty-action.org.