Training and Support Services

Training and support services may be the fastest way to build your organization’s capacity to use the PPI, get buy-in from senior leaders, and overcome challenges that are unique to your context. Innovations for Poverty Action currently offers the following services on a fee basis:

1) PPI Training

We provide training that imparts the essential skills and knowledge for successfully utilizing the PPI. This training can include an orientation for management teams to set expectations for results, in-depth training for enumerators on how to ask and score the PPI questions, plus training for research and IT staff on how to manage and interpret the data. This training covers the topics outlined in the Basic Standards of Use.

2) Sampling Guidance

How large should your sample size be for the PPI? Is it representative of the population you are surveying? Or should you collect PPI from all of our clients? Our experts will provide guidance on your sampling plan and support you to implement it.

3) Data Collection Support

We offer technical assistance on planning and executing PPI data collection. Topics covered can include:

  • Integration of the PPI questions into a larger survey or regular touchpoints with customers
  • Options for automating data collection
  • How to establish systems that protect the integrity of the PPI data, and cleaning / validating your data

IPA's field office research teams can also manage the entire process of PPI data collection for you.

4) Analysis and Report Review

Our experts will review analysis that you or others in your organization have done to find any errors, ensure adherence to PPI best practices, suggest improvements, and help you to get the most out of your PPI data.

5) Basic PPI Data Analysis

We will ensure proper conversion to poverty likelihoods, calculate group poverty rates, and create basic charts and graphs representing your organization's poverty outreach.

6) Market Segmentation Analysis

Give us all your PPI data and any other relevant client demographic, financial, or operational data.  We will make poverty data relevant for your strategic goals by analyzing household poverty estimates with other program-relevant dimensions to achieve an in-depth understanding of your client segments.

Have other data collection, implementation support, or data analysis needs? Tell us about them and we'll see if we can help!

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