Materials on Piloting and Implementing the PPI

Piloting the PPI: A handbook for first-time users of the PPI

This handbook brings to light a number of considerations for organizations planning to implement the PPI and provides steps that should be taken to prepare for a pilot.

Guide to Evaluating Out-of-Home Data Collection Methodologies

While the PPI is best surveyed at the beneficiary's home, there are alternate methods of collecting PPI data. This guide helps with collecting data off-site or via phone calls. 

Checklist: Confirming operational readiness

Use this checklist to prepare for PPI implementation.

Checklist: Confirming the sampling strategy

In order to collect valuable data, it must be either collected on a census basis, meaning everyone in a group is interviewed, or on a sample basis. The sample should be random and representative. This checklist will help organizations improve their sampling strategy. 

Checklist: Preparing for and conducting interviews

While the PPI is an easy-to-use tool, enumerators should have a polite demeanor and understand how to navigate cultural sensitivities.