Learning Materials

All downloadable PDF materials in this section are free of charge (account log-in required). Practitioners should start here to learn important concepts related to the PPI and to understand whether their organization is prepared for successful PPI use.

These videos and downloadable PDF documents cover important topics for PPI users:

Standards of Use:

These standards are the basis for the PPI Certification offered by participating certification providers. However, all PPI users should review these standards, even those with no plans to pursue a certification. The Basic Standards of Use outline the steps that an organization must take to ensure accurate and reliable PPI results; the Advanced Standards distinguish high-performers.

Piloting and Implementing the PPI, and Data Management and Analysis:

These publications provide practical advice and instructions for PPI users. Beginning users should start with the Guide to Piloting the PPI.

The PPI Manual:

This manual seeks to provide all essential information on proper PPI piloting, implementation, and data analysis. Following the instructions and recommendations in this manual should result in accurate and reliable PPI data. This document is open for public comment. This is the first release of the PPI Manual. Grameen Foundation’s Social Performance Management Center first published this manual based on existing written work on the PPI. If you would like to share feedback on this manual, please contact IPA at ppi@poverty-action.org. Your feedback will be considered when future iterations of this manual are developed.

Case Studies and Reports:

This section contains in-depth case studies on how various organizations have used the PPI.