Announcing PPI's New Name: Poverty Probability Index

We are pleased to announce that the PPI will now be known as the Poverty Probability Index. This change, planned for some time, better reflects what the tool actually is and does. Although the PPI can be used to measure changes in poverty over time, its uses are much broader than the term ‘Progress’ in the old name implied. We want to avoid any misperception about what the PPI can do and ensure that its branding supports the scaling of its use.

Our branding refresh also reflects changes in the methodology behind the scorecard. More will be shared about that shortly when we release our first updated PPI scorecard (Zambia) using the new methodology. Users can rest assured that they can still continue to use the tool the same way they always have, with some improvements. Furthermore, existing scorecards won’t change, only future updates and PPIs for new countries will use the new methodology.

Read the full announcement on our blog.